Globally Recognized “Off Leash K9 Training” is now available to everyone in Hawaii! With over 850+ before/after videos on their youtube channel at, we can help regardless of your dogs age, size or breed with various packages to help specifically with you and your dog. We also specialize in behavioral modification dealing with aggressive dogs as well.
All training is PRIVATE. I have never personally seen a dog come out of a group training class that amazed me. Not every dog learns the same (just like people) so we specify the training directly to how your dog learns.

My name is Spencer Duclos and I am proud to bring Off Leash K9 Training Hawaii to the Oahu, Hawaii area! Spencer was born and raised in Baytown, Texas and is excited about bringing his passion and love of canines to the Hawaiian islands.

Hawaii Dog Training Expert

Spencer is an Air Force veteran of 14 years. He joined the Air Force Security Forces in 2000 with his sole goal of becoming a Military Working Dog Handler. Spencer was accepted into the K9 program in 2003 and has worked with German Shepherd’s, Dutch Shepherd’s and Belgian Malinois. He trained these dogs in basic and advanced obedience, detection of explosives and narcotics, search of suspects in open areas and buildings using their sight, scent and sound. Spencer and his K9 partners have won multiple awards during military competitions while stationed in Germany.

His passion and love for canines continues to grow daily and says, “I’ve never met a dog I didn’t like.” He believes every canine has potential and deserves to have their best brought out of them. Spencer looks forward to bringing his military K9 training experience to the great people of Hawaii and their four-legged companions.

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