Hawaii Dog TrainerBrian Ellsworth was raised with a golden retriever named Casey and a black lab mix named Sheeba. Always around animals. Spoon feeding African Grey Congo chicks, to Seal Point Siamese cats.

Spending eight years in the United States Navy as a Surface Search Radar Electronic Technician and ships barber. Tours of duty included the First reponse for the Sumatra sunami of ’04, Operation shock and awe in ’03, and others during multiple sea tours across the globe. Becoming a security specialist and a first responder during active duty.

His love of animals grew throughout the years adopting an abandoned Maltese and raising a Blue Brindle pitbull. With a backround in customer service and the will to please. He looks forward to solving your four pawed problems with a smile. Armed with his parents empathy and logic, no problem exists to which a solution can’t be achieved.